Universal Telescope with tripod phone lens


**Not include Mobile Phone**

Specifications: 5.5-8.5cm

(Support I9300 19220 HTC ONE X iphone5 5S 5C 4s Mi I8190 G14 LT26i and other large-screen mobile phone)

Material: ABS plastic
Wire spring test value: Built-in double wire spring, automatic elastic stretching, width can clip 5.5-8.5cm, compression limit is greater than 10000 times
Clamping force (width / clamping force): 5.5 cm / 0.5 kg, 6 cm / 1 kg, 7 cm / 2 kg, 8.5 cm / 3 kg

Product Description:

Injection molded parts inlaid nuts, one-time injection molding to ensure more durable, electroplated metal nuts bright shiny, no rust, no fade, and more resistant to wear and tear!
International standard camera “1/4 inch” threaded interface and the bottom of the camera screw the same.

This bracket is very small and convenient, suitable for 55-85mm wide mobile phone use, IPONE4 use it to take pictures and images can be quite beneficial. Whether night or sports shooting, have become possible. Quickly pick up your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, HTC G14, I9300 try it Now!


– High strength, small size, light weight, easy to carry and install Do not use when closed up, easy to store; phone card free adjustment of bit width; easy operation; enrich your entertainment; with your use.

– Both sides of the card slot and the front are equipped with a cushion, two-layer sponge to strengthen the fixture to prevent falling love before the machine, effective non-slip.

– A standard tripod interface, with any tripod or quick plate connection, of course, can also be installed on the stabilizer.


Super three functions:

– Can be used alone as a monocular telescope, handheld wait and see, with a telescope eyepiece cover

– Can be connected to a wide range of mobile phones, universal base configuration, as long as the folder, the camera in the back (except retractable lens), basically can be loaded on the scene;

– Can be connected to a digital camera, camera, slim type, the lens is not over extended, the folder in the range of 55MM – 85MM.

Related accessories: a main shot, a universal base, a tripod, a cloth (cleaning cloth color random), a lanyard, the new box packaging.