iPhone 7 / 8 plus Special Effects Lens Case 6 in 1

$298.00 $238.00

Model: JT101-JTK-6JT
Applicable models: Apple 7 plus / Apple 8 plus

The third generation of the new iPhone7 Plus / 8 Plus dedicated dual-camera mini-wide-angle fisheye telephoto macro lens

Features: The third generation of mini wide-angle fisheye telephoto macro mobile phone external lens mini compact, easy to carry, easy to install, the effect is clear. Smartphone camera upgrade to professional SLR level effect, and easy to carry and easy to install, the appearance of simple and generous, iphone7plus / 8plus special models.

6-in-1 lens: Comes with a set of six high-quality lens lens group, which contains a wide-angle, macro, telephoto, fisheye four kinds of lenses, the basic coverage of the mainstream mobile phones now on the market lens types.

Dedicated phone shell: Military shockproof shell design, slim but can play an effective protection of the phone.